Ziobaffa Pinot Grigio Organic 2022

Ziobaffa Pinot Grigio Organic 2022 - SEARED LIVING

Ziobaffa Pinot Grigio Organic 2022

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We harvest our Pinot Grigio grapes around the middle of August in the hilly vineyards surrounding the Mediterranean sea, located on the sunny island of Sicily on beautiful soil with a mix of limestone and white chalk.

The grapes are fermented at low temperature in stainless steel tanks for a long period to preserve the complexity of the aromas. It is plump and juicy, zesty with tangy avors of Meyer lemon, Honeycrisp apple, pickled ginger and white stone. A delicious Pinot Grigio, a little more rich and full than the same wines produced in the North Italy.

Bottled and labeled with bio-safe materials. Featuring the new Helix™ re-usable cork seal.

(No Oak)

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