Quinta Do Convento Tinto 2018

Quinta Do Convento Tinto 2018 - SEARED LIVING

Quinta Do Convento Tinto 2018

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History: Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias is an iconic property, situated in the Távora valley, Portugal. The Quinta has been integral to Douro's history. Dating back to the 12th century when monks from the Cistercian Order settled on the estate and contributed to the start of wine growing in the region. The history and extraordinary terroir set this property apart from other estates and remains a reference point of reference for PORT and DOC Douro wines.

Tasting notes: Deep ruby color presenting aromas of wild berries and strong hints of sweet flower notes. On the palate it is fresh with an interesting spicy character on fine tannins that will allow the wine to age well.

D.O.C DOURO: The oldest demarcated region in the world, declared in 1756 and made a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2001. Renowned for Ports, Douro is becoming recognized for their powerful red and white wines. Mountainous and rugged topography rich in history and schist soils! The region follows the course of the river from the Spanish border and is broken up into 3 sub-regions. Baixa Corgo, (fertile, cooler and receives most the little rainfall Douro gets) Cima Corgo, (heartland and where most Port production occurs), and Douro Superior (very cold in the winter, scorching hot in summer, the largest of the regions).


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