Peugeot Carafe Cleaning Beads

Peugeot Carafe Cleaning Beads

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The Peugeot Bilbo cleaning beads remove all deposits of tannins and scale that may appear on your carafe. Thanks to these cleaning beads your carafes are flawlessly clean!

Perfect cleanliness

It’s no fun having to clean the bottom of a carafe where there are tannins or lime scale deposits... Peugeot Bilbo cleaning beads do the work for you. Add hot water and beads to the carafe and gently swirl to remove all wine residue from the inside walls of the carafe. The cleaning beads come in a small container that also acts as a funnel and drainer to easily transfer the beads to and from the carafe as well as rinse after use. Leave the beads in the container to dry before storing away.

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