Pasta Rocks™

Pasta Rocks™

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The Art of Flavor®

Taste: Well balanced mineral flavor!

The perfect solution to salting pasta water! Many people don't realize how important properly salted water is to their finished dish and this takes the guesswork out of that task, plus you get the naturally occurring trace minerals. Made from salt found from dried sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains the pink color is to due naturally occurring trace minerals. 

How to Enjoy: 

  • Season water when boiling or blanching pasta, rice, potatoes, veggies, or eggs.

To Prepare

Directions: Bring 4-5 qts of water to a full boil. Once boiling, add 1 Pasta Rock in the water for two minutes. After two minutes remove Pasta Rock and add in pasta. Depending on the size each Pasta Rock will last 2-4 times. 


Ingredients: Salt 

Packaging: Tall glass jar with a screw on lid. 

Size: 220g (7.76oz) 

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