Palacio da Brejoeira Alvarinho 2022

Palacio da Brejoeira Alvarinho 2022 - SEARED LIVING

Palacio da Brejoeira Alvarinho 2022

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A 100% Alvarinho by PALÁCIO DA BREJOEIRA, this wine is sure to impress your guests for all of your holiday parties!

Tasting Notes
A very complex aroma which is fruity and floral on the palate. In the fruit matrix, it reveals a background of citrus aromas combined with a complex set of ripe tropical fruits. In the floral matrix, a taste of lemon tree blossom and some notes of yellow flowers such as acacia. In terms of flavor, the wine reveals to be equally complex, with good body but simultaneously fresh. It is a very well balanced wine with aromatic complexity and a very pleasant end on the palate which is extremely long and persistent.

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