Line Natural Salt Mill

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Line Natural Salt Mill

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This iconic 18cm (7in) Paris salt mill demonstrates Peugeot's attachment to its favourite materials, namely wood and steel. The body of this Nature Black mill is made from upcycled wood and illustrates Peugeot's commitment to protect the environment. This 18cm (7in) Paris Nature Black salt mill is designed to grind rock salt. The metal button is used to change the grind setting between a fine or coarse texture.

- Made in France
- Mill crafted from pieces of wood that have been discarded after painting and subsequently upcycled
- Wood sourced from French PEFC™-certified forests
- A coloured eco-friendly plant-based varnish
- Textured finish on the wood body produced by sandblasting
- Mechanism carries a lifetime warranty
- Grind adjustment button
- Five-year warranty for the mill
- For grinding dry salt crystals (rock salt) up to 4mm in size.
- Do not use for sea salt, wet salt, or dried wet salt
- Ready to use: salt crystals included

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