Les Impitoyables Taster Glass

Les Impitoyables Taster Glass - SEARED LIVING

Les Impitoyables Taster Glass

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The carefully thought-out shape of the TASTER® tasting glass from Peugeot is intended to unfold a maximum of aromatic impressions in the shortest possible time. The glass with very pure lines is compact, easy to carry and store. It is able to bring out all the assets of a wine (color, aroma, balanced in the mouth, etc.). The TASTER® from Peugeot is handmade and mouth-blown. It has two cavities on the bottom and on the side with a dual function: they allow you to hold the glass with two fingers without heating the contents and allow the wine to breathe by breaking the molecules. Hold the glass with two fingers and swirl vigorously to aerate and break up the wine. Deep in the opening, the heavy flavors (the alcohol) are concentrated.

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