Eberle Winery - Vineyard Selection Cabernet

Eberle Winery - Vineyard Selection Cabernet - SEARED LIVING

Eberle Winery - Vineyard Selection Cabernet

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Over twenty years ago, Eberle started producing the 'Vineyard Selection'
Cabernet Sauvignon to be a by-the-glass for restaurants, or what Gary Eberle calls our"CocktailCab." Since then, Winemaker Chris Eberle has taken this wine to new heights by incorporating skills learned from making wine worldwide. This wine over-delivers quality for the price point, whether found by the glass in a restaurant or on a retail shelf in a fine wine shop.


The grapes for our "Vineyard Selection" Cabernet Sauvignon are sourced from several vineyards throughout the Paso Robles AVA including our Estate vineyard. These vineyards showcase the diversity and quality of the Paso Robles terroir.

The 'VS' Cabernet has an unusual amount of freshness which I attribute to micro- oxygenation or MOX. A small portion of this Cabernet undergoes MOX which is helpful to stabilize color, improve mouthfeel and structure, limit reduction, and mimic a barrel by adding controlled amounts of oxygen at different times in the wine’s life. This method was first introduced by the French, and some might say mastered by the Aussies, which is where I was schooled in MOX. We MOX two separate times in the tank, once after alcoholic fermentation and once before malolactic at a high rate to stabilize color and tannin. Then post malolactic we use MOX for about 6 weeks at a lower rate, the same rate as a barrel. The other portion of the Cab is aged 25% new American and 25% 2nd fill American oak, 15% French for 18 months.


Flavors of black currant, dark chocolate, cherry, plum, vanilla, green peppercorn, and cedar. Pair this easy drinking Cabernet with a wedge of aged cheddar, a Hangar steak salad with a Champagne vinaigrette, Miso Shiitake soup, filet mignon with a balsamic glaze, or a juicy bleu cheese burger.

VARIETY 100% Cabernet Sauvignon APPELLATION Paso Robles

ALCOHOL 14.5% ACIDITY/PH 6.4 g/l / 3.54


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