Domaine Jean - Luis Mothe - Chablis 2019

Domaine Jean - Luis Mothe - Chablis 2019 - SEARED LIVING
Domaine Jean - Luis Mothe - Chablis 2019 - SEARED LIVING

Domaine Jean - Luis Mothe - Chablis 2019

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Fontenay-près-Chablis, Burgundy, France


100% Chardonnay


This wine is sourced from southeast facing vineyards surrounding the town Fontenay-près-Chablis, on the eastern side of the Serein River. The soil here is classic Chablis: gray marl with streaks of limestone that is rich in Exogyra Virgula fossils, a small oyster from the Kimmeridgian geological age. This unique subsoil gives the wines their characteristic purity, sophistication and minerality. Grapes are hand harvested from vines that are 45 years old. Vinification with ambient yeast is simple and traditional. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks at 66° F for two weeks, followed by 13 months of aging before bottling and release.


This Domaine has been in the Mothe family since 1887. Starting in 1957, Jean-Louis’ father, Guy Mothe, started to specialize in vinifying Chablis. The Domaine began bottling and selling their wines under their own name the 1980s. Today, Guy’s three sons, Jean-Louis, Theirry and Vincent tend 142 acres covering the Chablis, Petite Chablis, 1er and Grand Cru appellations. The Mothe family works rigorously in their vineyards to ensure that all the grapes entering the cellars are perfectly ripe and in prime condition. Sustainable agriculture (“culture raisonnée”) is practiced, and chemical products are only used as a very last resort. Vinification is undertaken in the traditional Burgundy fashion and only the Grand Cru wines spend time in oak barrels.


Green apple, mineral, and flint aromas with a slight grapefruit note. Full bodied with ripe fruit, steely minerality and crisp acidity. An elegant, refreshing wine.


Serve with chicken, seafood, grilled fish or smoked salmon. Ideal with tapas or on its own.

(No Oak)

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