Citrus Dill Infused Sea Salt

Citrus Dill Infused Sea Salt - SEARED LIVING

Citrus Dill Infused Sea Salt

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The Art of FlavorĀ®

Taste:Ā Zesty lemon mixed with bright dill.

The fresh, zesty flavors lemon and dill dominate this sea salt. Season veggie dips and spreads, add flavor to alfredo sauce, or sprinkle on chicken or fish.

How to Enjoy:

  • Season chicken and fish before roasting or grilling.Ā 
  • Mix in with pasta, potato, or egg salads.Ā 
  • Top veggies and potatoes.


Ingredients:Ā Sea Salt,Ā Lemon, DillĀ 

Pkg. & Size

Packaging: Glass jar with screw on lid.Ā 

Size: 2.8oz

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