Appolia 12in Slate Tart Dish

Appolia 12in Slate Tart Dish - SEARED LIVING

Appolia 12in Slate Tart Dish

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With Peugeot 30 cm (12in.) tart dish, you'll enjoy high-quality ceramic to make sweet and savory pies. Its ultra-contemporary slate color will add a touch of elegance to your table. The Appolia ceramic pie dish from Peugeot is your best asset for successful salty or sweet pies, with smooth and homogenous just right baking. Handy and safe with its wide handles, your ceramic dish is easily removed from the oven without risk of getting burned. Its slate colour, slightly satin sublimates your homemade recipes. Made in France in the respect of a proven know-how, Peugeot ceramic resists from mechanical and thermal shocks and keeps the heat of your pies during 30 minutes. Its perfectly smooth and abrasion-resistant enamelling prevents pies from sticking to the bottom and makes cleaning easier.

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