Lydian Columbia Valley GSM 2020

Lydian Columbia Valley GSM 2020 - SEARED LIVING

Lydian Columbia Valley GSM 2020

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Lydian Columbia Valley GSM 2020

Lydian was established in 2019 as a new way to experience Washington wine. The team behind Avennia brings you another delicious wine that serves as an introduction to a lifetime of wine appreciation and a fresh take on Washington terroir.

In music, Lydian refers to a mode, or scale that is used as a building block for some of the world’s oldest and newest masterpieces. This happy sounding mode brings joy on its own, yet when molded and crafted by talented musicians can become a work of timeless art.

We believe Washington vineyards produce some of the finest building blocks in the world. With these grapes, and the collective talent behind those growing and working with them, Lydian wines can be as complex, nuanced, and profound as any jazz classic.

Lydian: a fun, fresh take on Washington wine.

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