Fondreche-Ventoux Rose 2022

Fondreche-Ventoux Rose 2022 - SEARED LIVING

Fondreche-Ventoux Rose 2022

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Fondreche-Ventoux Rose 2022

The Domaine de Fondrèche estate is situated at the foot of Mont Ventoux, particularly famous thanks to the Tour de France, on a plateau where catle used to drink. In fact, « Frondreche » means the spring in Provencal dialect.
Created in 1991, Domaine de Fondrèche is now run by Sebastien Vicenti, the 2
nd generation working on the estate. It covers an area of 52 hectares of vines and 20 ha of woods. Thanks to a major vineyard restructuring, 3 different types of soils/locations were identified, each one assigned to a specific production.

Scents of citrus and redcurrant. A well-balanced crispiness with mineral tones on the palate.


(No Oak)

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