Robert Weil Troken Riesling 2021

Robert Weil Troken Riesling - SEARED LIVING

Robert Weil Troken Riesling 2021

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Robert Weil Troken Riesling

The Robert Weil line of estate wines begins with this medium-bodied dry Riesling that shows the typical density and power of the Rheingau region, but is much more affordable than their ultra-classy single-vineyard wines. Produced in large, neutral oak casks for a rounder texture, the Riesling Trocken (German for “dry”) is a charming, fruit-driven wine, whose balanced, tangy flavors and food-friendly versatility mean that one glass is never quite enough.


Founded in 1875, Weingut Robert Weil is one of the finest producers in the Rheingau region. Wilhelm Weil, the great- grandson of the estate’s founder, carries on the uncompromising, quality-oriented vineyard and cellar practices that have been the hallmark of this elite estate for four generations. The Rheingau is a small section of the Rhine River valley, near the city of Mainz. Notable for steep, south-facing slopes in a protected valley along a climate-moderating river, this legendary wine region has the ideal conditions for growing ripe, full-bodied Riesling.


While the 2020 growing season wasn’t as obviously hot as some recent years, it nevertheless goes into the record books as the warmest overall since records have been kept. The ability of our vines to develop at all throughout
the extremely dry summer can be directly attributed to the water banked during the rainy winter months. The high quality of the fruit, which showed perfect health and physiological ripeness, came thanks to the very warm, sunny and dry September weather, including the cool nights necessary for optimal aroma formation. There wasn’t much botrytis for the nobly sweet wines, but we were able to harvest small quantities of highly concentrated BA and TBA.


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