Essex Manchego 1605 - Forever Cheese

Essex Manchego 1605 - Forever Cheese - SEARED LIVING

Essex Manchego 1605 - Forever Cheese

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Manchego is Spain’s most popular cheese; for that reason, there are many imposters out there. Instead of taking the popularity of Manchego as a sign that the public might like other Spanish cheeses as well, the effect has been to just produce more Manchego, and at cheaper prices. 

Manchego has been made for thousands of years in the center of Spain from sheep's milk. Archaeologists have found evidence of Manchego production in La Mancha before the time of Christ. Let me repeat: BEFORE THE TIME OF CHRIST! We can surmise that Manchego makers have some experience under their belt, then.
The aging process is a large factor in determining Manchego’s flavor. In order to qualify as the real deal, it must be aged for at least two months. The Manchego we sell is a light yellow and has a crumbly texture. Named for the year Cervantes wrote the novel “Don Quixote,” which includes references to the classic cheese, Manchego 1605 is a raw milk, natural-rinded version that is aged for between six and nine months for a firm, slightly granular texture. 

8 oz

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