Gagliardo Favorita Fallegro 2021

Gagliardo Favorita Fallegro 2021 - SEARED LIVING

Gagliardo Favorita Fallegro 2021

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The Fallegro Langhe DOC Favorita of the 2021 vintage emerges as a testament to the meticulous care bestowed upon it throughout its journey from vineyard to bottle. The year commenced with a mild winter, accompanied by ample rainfall and occasional snowfall, ensuring an optimal water supply vital for the ensuing months. As the season progressed, a prolonged period of favorable weather unfolded, extending from spring through summer. Characterized by moderate temperatures and scarce rainfall, this period fostered ideal conditions for grape cultivation, resulting in exceptional plant health and grape quality at harvest time.

Crafted from Favorita grapes, also known as the Piedmontese iteration of Vermentino, and augmented by 5% complementary grapes, this wine embodies the unique terroir of the Roero area. The sandy soils and continental climate in which the vines thrive impart a distinct freshness and saline quality to the wine. Following a partial maceration and 10% malolactic fermentation, the wine undergoes a four-month aging period "sur lie," further enhancing its complexity and textureUpon tasting, the Fallegro reveals its inherent character with finesse, making it an excellent companion to seafood dishes such as grilled shrimp or lemon-buttered scallops, as well as light salads and soft cheeses, accentuating its refreshing qualities and enhancing the dining experience.


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