Brabander Goat Gouda - Essex St Cheese

Brabander Goat Gouda - Essex St Cheese - SEARED LIVING

Brabander Goat Gouda - Essex St Cheese

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Brabander is a gouda produced by a cooperative in Brabant, in southern Holland, from pasteurized Saanen goat’s milk. Enter beloved cheese power couple, Betty and Martin Koster, who run a small cheese shop known as Fromagerie L’Amuse near Amsterdam. The Kosters select wheels from the cooperative and age them in their warehouse at slightly higher humidity than what is traditionally used for wax-encased goudas. The result is a cheese that is fudgy yet retains the trademark gouda salt crystals. There is no trace of goatiness in this cheese, rather it is full flavored with notes of rich salted butter and caramel. Everyone loves Brabander.

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