Bonny Doon Le Cigare Blanc White Blend 2022

Bonny Doon Le Cigare Blanc White Blend 2021 - SEARED LIVING

Bonny Doon Le Cigare Blanc White Blend 2022

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STYLE: Bright and crisp Rhône-style white blend, no oak or malolactic fermentation


73% Vermentino
23% Grenache Blanc 4% Clairette Blanche

Central Coast of California

CLIMATE: Cool dry-summers, mild winters, Mediterranean class

WINEMAKING: Grapes were picked early to preserve acidity, then lightly pressed, with the juice settling for 3 days. The juice was then fermented in stainless steel and aged on the lees (spent yeast) for 4 months. Malolactic fermentation was prevented to preserve the wine’s natural acidity.

Nicole Walsh & Randall Grahm

BEST SERVED: Chilled, 5-15 minutes out of fridge

PAIRINGS: Pad Thai, Szechuan stir-fry, Roquefort cheese, Spicy Indian curry, grilled shrimp salad with a lemon vinaigrette, or seared scallops with a tomato-based sauce.

ABV: 14.1%

ORIGINE DU CIGARE: After a spate of reports of extraterrestrial visitors to France, the village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape of the Rhône valley, passes laws forbidding flying cigar landings, take offs, and flyovers, circa 1954. The “Cigare” series of wines is an homage made since 1984 by Boonny Doon Vineyard.

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